Welcome to the LTA Marketing Group LLC Professional Liability Insurance Program providing agents of LTA Marketing Group LLC with a cutting-edge E&O liability product, with broad coverage, attractive pricing, plus online distribution for immediate coverage.

Program Benefits

  • Attractive pricing - premiums as low as $434* 
  • Simple one-step online process
  • Easy payment options online for immediate coverage
  • Print proof of coverage
  • Easy online account management


$1 mil / $1 mil
$1 mil / $2 mil
$1 mil / $3 mil
$2 mil / $2 mil

Basic Plus
Comprehensive Plan

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If you have not previously paid online, you will need to enroll using the instructions below before you can register or login to My Account. You will be able to register once you have received your certificate of insurance.

Enrollment Instructions:

  1. In the left hand side bar, click Enrollment
  2. Select desired plan
  3. Enroll and pay
    • To pay by credit card, complete the online enrollment form.
    • To pay by check, scroll down to the bottom of the enrollment page for pay by check instructions.
  4. Certificate is issued within 48 hours for payments made in full online. For payments made by check, the certificate is issued within 48 hours of the date that the payment is received and processed.
  5. Login to My Account feature can be used after receipt of your certificate of insurance

Plan Options

*Basic (Life, Accident & Health, Long Term Care, Disability, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements) Deductible: $1,000 each claim

LTA Basic Plus (Life, Accident & Health, Long Term Care, Disability, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements PLUS Fixed Annuities (including Indexed Annuities)) Deductible: $1,000 each claim.

LTA Comprehensive Plan (Life, Accident & Health, Long Term Care, Disability, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements, Fixed Annuities (including Indexed Annuities) PLUS Mutual Funds & Variable Products) Deductible (each claim): $1,000 for claims arising from Insurance products including fixed and indexed annuities; $2,500 for Financial Products to include Mutual Funds registered with the SEC and variable life and variable annuity products.

Brought to you by Aon Affinity and underwritten by a Chartis Company, the program brings together the best in the industry to provide access to innovative solutions and industry expertise and deliver long-term value to your organization.

For policy and coverage details, please see your policy documents. This document is not meant to supplement or replace your policy documents and the terms, conditions and limitations of your policy govern coverage and you are encouraged to consult with a trusted adviser to ensure your individual coverage needs are adequately met. American General Life Companies is not the issuing insurer for coverage under this program.